Kurukulla Center

Thubten Damchoe - Translator

Damchoe trained at Kopan Monastery, Kathmandu, Nepal, the heart center of the FPMT and was a monk for more than 20 years. He came to Kurukulla Center as Geshe Tsulga's interpreter in 1999. In addition to his duties as translator, he is also working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree. We are very fortunate to have Damchoe as Kurukulla's translator, giving us access to Geshe Tenley's teachings with precision, dedication and humor. As well, the center benefits from Damchoe's many other skills including ritual arts and as chant leader at pujas leading with his deep, resonate voice. His email is damchoe@kurukulla.org.

Kurukulla Buddhist Centre - Study of Buddhism

Management Committee

Our Management Committee is responsible for all aspects of Center operations. They work as a collection of self-organized teams under the direction of the Center Director (CEO), who oversees all aspects of Center operations. Each team focuses on a specific functional area.

Three coordinators help to manage spiritual events and residential activities at the Center:

Center & Residence Coordinator

  • Manage physical & logistical aspects of Center & Residential activities.
  • Provide facilities availability and basic support for scheduled Center events.
  • Coordinate basic care to resident Sangha members and visiting teachers.
  • Spiritual Program Coordinator

  • Define, schedule and project manage execution of the Spiritual Program.
  • Identify, pursue and secure visiting teachers to augment local offerings.
  • Coordinate adherence to FPMT guidelines and advice regarding practice.
  • Volunteers Coordinator - Michelle Caplan

  • Provide volunteers support to other teams by coordinating volunteer efforts in support of Center activities and operational needs.
  • Provide guidance, mentorship and support to Center volunteers.
  • The operations teams are organized by functional areas:

    Bookstore - Caren Cowie

  • Inventory selection, tracking, procurement and pricing of all bookstore items.
  • Align inventory with topics covered by regular and visiting teachers' teachings.
  • Provide basic materials needed to support students' personal practices.
  • Communications - Elena Martinez

  • Manage all aspects of Kurukulla Center communications to ensure adherence to standards and conveying a consistent image for the Center.
  • This team is concerned with publicizing Center activities, promoting events and educating the community-at-large about the Center's many offerings.
  • Development - Margaret Anderberg

  • Align Center income and expenses by defining target income goals.
  • Define and implement fundraising in direct support of Center expenses.
  • Establish long-term cash-flow strategies conducive to financial stability.
  • Event Services - Bryce Schintzius

  • Provide support services to Center volunteers and event participants.
  • Coordinate procurement and delivery of provider support services.
  • Ensure legal compliance, security, and adherence to safety standards.
  • Facilities - Brian Wiley

  • Monitor, schedule and coordinate maintenance to the Center structures.
  • Identify cost-effective third party maintenance and support services.
  • Devise long-term maintenance plans that protect the Center's physical assets.
  • Financials - Jennifer Miller

  • Perform donor management bookkeeping functions that ensure non-profit regulatory compliance and fulfillment of donors' intent.
  • Manage all aspects of the Center's expenses (identification, validation, optimization, scheduling, fulfillment, recording, yearly auditing, etc.).
  • Grounds Keeping

  • Devise and implement a visually-pleasing and calming planting schedule.
  • Perform regular watering, soil management, pruning and care of all plants.
  • Design, oversee and/or execute landscaping and hardscaping projects.
  • Technology - Bob Dunn

  • Design, deploy, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot all Center technologies.
  • Identify enabling technologies to expand Center offerings.
  • Board of Directors

    Our Board of Directors is responsible for defining the policies and guiding principles under which the Center operates, consistent with the Dharma and mindful of legal considerations of non-profit corporations. Each member of the Board of Directors contributes their unique professional skills and their experience as Dharma students to ensure a balanced approach in the governance of the Center.

    Gary Freeman


    Harry Duvall - Secretary

    Harry has a BA in economics and an MA in higher education administration. He has coached youth and high school athletics for eight years, been a member of Kurukulla Center since 2006 and is currently director of a youth center.


    Jennifer Miller - Treasurer


    Matthew McCall


    Pat Venter


    Sean Gonzalez - Center Director (CEO)

    Wendy Cook - Chairperson